January's "Problem of the Month"

Algebra II

Student's Name:  __________________________________________

Date Due:  Wednesday January 31, 2018
Remember: You must submit your solution on THIS printed page.

3 Spacitial Reasoning Problems

Each spacitial problem will be solved, most likely, through a process of trial and error. You should attach the final answers to this paper, when appropriate. Feel free to print out the PDF attachments, then cut and draw as much as necessary. Each problem only has ONE correct solution.

Problem #1 - 4 Identical Shapes (PDF diagram attachment)
Draw in additional lines (or cut up the following diagram) inorder to create 4 identical shapes.

Problem #2 - The Letter "T" (PDF diagram attachment)
Organize the following shapes to create one letter "T". The "T" will be a perfect BLOCK LETTER with all right angles.

Problem #3 - 10 Pennies
Show how you can arrange 10 pennies so that you have 5 rows (lines) of 4 pennies in each row.