February's "Problem of the Month"

College Calculus

Student's Name:  __________________________________________

Date Due:  Wednesday February 28, 2018
Remember: You must submit your solution on THIS printed page.

Heap of Trouble

Eight colored squares cover the large square shown below. All of the eight colored squares are the same size. The square marked 1 is completely shown. However, you can only see a part of the other seven squares.

Color then cut out the eight colored squares. Then stack and order them so your final answer matches the square shown below. As a final check, identify which square you layed down 1st, which one was layed down 2nd, .... which one you layed down last. Simply record this order on the appropriate line using the list provided below.

Special Note:
You will probably end up cutting off the bottom of this page... just staple your final answer to the remainder of this paper.

1st Square: ____________

2nd Square: ____________

3rd Square: ____________

4th Square: ____________

5th Square: ____________

6th Square: ____________

7th Square: ____________

8th Square: ____________